Task Force Eagle

All members of Task Force Eagle work together to provide a continued single vision for all members to work towards. This allows us to concrete on our goals as one, and further our vision for the future..


Community Introduction
Task Force Eagle is an ArmA 3 realism unit based in the GMT timezone specialising in the Vietnam War era. The Task Force itself was formed in January 2017, with the purpose of providing a unit that focused solely on the Vietnam time period, whilst also allowing members to pick from a range of groups within the Task Force for them to be a part of. This system means that there is something for everyone here at Task Force Eagle, and whatever role you may wish to take on, their will always be an opportunity for you to realise this here.

26th Infantry Regiment
The Infantry Company known as Blue Spaders is a US Army Rifle Company that is our acting spearhead for operations. We actively work with armour as mechanized infantry. Currently the 1st Platoon consists of 3 squads with several support assets attached. The best way to summarize the unit with one word is 'Serious' which reflects their emphasis on adaptive tactics, techniques and communication.

1st Cavalry Infantry
The 1st Cavalry Infantry ("Dragoons") was an armored division of the United States Army that saw distinguished service on the Eastern Front during the Vietnam War. They work directly with the main infantry and strive to give the best experience possible. Whether it be a Spearhead assault led by Dog Company or Providing Infantry Support we do the best we can. We operate the M48 Patton and our proud to do it!

Gameplay Schedule
Due to the acquisition of a dedicated server, TFE hosts a variety of missions and operations, ranging from official to unofficial, involving things as menial as speaking to civilians, or as intense as defending an outpost from NVA onslaught. The time and dates for these vary, however, items and events takeplace throughout the week, with official operations more likely than not; taking place on Saturday.


Organisational Ranks
At TFE, unlike other communities, rank is not a reward. We are simply a group of guys that enjoy playing ArmA, who don't strive to grind to the rank of Colonel. Our ranks at are purely organisational and are not gained through reward for playing the game. WHen we need new NCO's, we will host a NCO training and pick the best candidate for the job, not the member that has been in the unit the longest.

Flexible Roles
Although we have specified roles within our Sections, these roles are flexible and if people want to switch to a different role, so long as someone fills in for them, there is no problem. We also run a first-come first serve policy. If there are X amount of places available for a certain role, the people that apply quickest will be among the first chosen.


Age Requirement
The unit does have a minimum age requirement of 16. We do have a mature community and will not hesitate to remove people that threaten that. We are a community that doesn't want to worry about anything we say in front of people of a younger age.

Multi-Clanning is not allowed. Joining another ArmA 3 milsim unit while a part of the TFE unit will result in being released from the unit with dishonorable discharge. Double check your enjin profile, and verify you are not a member of other milsim communities or units prior to applying. Island life groups, or communities for other games are fine.

A full list of our enlistment requirements can be found on the Recruitment page. You can find our Unit Rules in the list below:
  • Loss of temper or arguments with other members will result in your dismissal from the unit.
  • Members that demand "guarantees" as to position or rank will be dismissed from the unit.
  • Anyone not adhering to rank structure/complying with orders will be dismissed.
  • Racism or racist comments will not be allowed and will result in instant dismissal.
  • Members that do not attend to operations and do not give their Section Commanders good reason why will be dismissed. Telling someone you cannot attend is a courtesy. We don't mind if you cannot attend, but we expect